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Kids and Hardwood Floors

I have just one more installment of my Vegas trip to still write up, but we have a small issue at my house that I am trying to figure out. Except for our bedrooms, my entire house is hardwood floors. They look great. However, they are not great for children. Madison has slipped several times already. We had the “I think she broke her nose” incident a couple of months ago when she slipped and did a faceplant. Now, my issue is Will. Besides slipping, the other issues are that it isn't very comfortable to lay on, and it gets super cold. If I lay Will on the floor, I put him on a blanket. However, he seems to slide a lot and I can't stand when he drops his head into the floor. It also isn't too conducive for him to learn how to crawl. Tonight, I went into Madison's closet and got the foam alphabet set we bought when Madison was learning to walk. However, I do not see it staying in one piece and lasting as long as we need. When we used it with Madison, we had carpet. This is a whole different ballgame. What I am thinking is that we need to get a couple of rugs for the living room. I would prefer a couple of decorative area rugs, but I am thinking anything is better than nothing at this point. Bill is worried about an area rug scratching up the hardwood floor. I told him that you can buy a protector to put underneath.

My question is to all of you who have hardwood floors. How do you handle that with kids? Did you buy an area rug to protect them or did you try something else? Let me know any suggestions you have!

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  1. Ouch, it must hurt a lot. If you don't find better solutions, the rugs are fine. I don't have hardwood floor, so I have no idea what solutions should I tell you.

  2. A few rugs for them to play on/lie on would be a good idea. But they'll soon be big enough to put their hands out when they fall over, then you can get rid of the rugs if you want to.

    Wooden floors aren't nearly as hard as tiled floors…

  3. My sister-in-law has those interlocking foam puzzle piece type things… don't know what they're called lol But she put them on the floor in a huge section of their living room to make a safe play area.

  4. I'm aware this reply is out of date with the actual published story, but even area rugs can be a hazard unless a good pad grabber is used. In this situation the rug will not move if someone slides across it.

    On another note, watch those area rugs and the actual floor carefully over time. Depending on the hardwood it's laying on, a subtle to drastic color change can take place underneath. In other words, all hardwoods change color when exposed to light. You could find yourself with a spotty floor over time when the rugs are taken up.

    One problem with some hardwoods is this is irreversable. Even complete refinishing cannot remove some rug lines.

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