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Kids In Church

My cousin got married over the weekend, and since the wedding wasn't actually in Green Bay, we had to bring the kids to church. Normally, this is something we tried to avoid if at all possible  However, I was ready and prepared.  I had several bags of snacks to keep they occupied as well as many toys.

I thought all was going well till Madison asked me about the sanctuary.  When you walked into church, there was a baptsim sanctuary on the floor.  It had steps.  Madison wanted to know why there were steps and if it was so she could go in there.  Needless to say, I was worried the rest of the ceremony if she going to try to make a run for it and try to go in there.  Next, we were waiting for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk in.  There was no music playing and the church was silent.  Will, of course, decides to start talking loudly.  I was almost ready to get my passport and leave the country, because I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. Lastly, Will decided to burp quite loudly during the mass.  I don't think the whole church could hear it, but it sure seemed like it.  Remind me again, why should I bring my kids to church?

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  1. We took Fuller to his first wedding last summer. It was at a Catholic church where they had a very ornate baptismal font. Since we had just come from a location where we allowed Fuller to play lightly in their fountain, Fuller thought of course he could play in this one (we dressed him for the wedding when we got to the church). Add to that the acoustics of the old church and we had a very LOUD Fuller on our hands.

    I have to remind myself that Fuller is loudest to me and my husband because he is closest to us. When we take him to church, he is getting better about being quiet, and he now knows what to expect and how he should participate.

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