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Kid's Spinbrushes

brushWant to get your kids to brush longer and better?  The Kid's Spinbrush is your answer.  These are perfect for ages 3 (aff)-11 and the specially designed handles makes brushing all the more fun.  You can get everything from butterflies to skateboards to a fire truck.  These brushes promote healthy brushing, they reduce plaque, and massage your gums.  It only take 2 (aff) AAA batteries to run too.  At first, your kids will be more interested in playing with the toothbrush than brushing their teeth (trust me!).  Also, make sure that you have the toothbrush in their mouth BEFORE you turn the brush on.  Otherwise, you'll be cleaning up toothpaste (I won't tell you how we figured that out.)  Research has shown that kids brush 38% longer with this brush, and I definitely believe it.  It is just more fun for them.  I've seen it with my own kids.

I would definitely get these toothbrushes again for my kids.

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