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Kids Update!

I had to bring Will into the doctor due to some weird episodes we were having with him, and before I went to post how that went, I realized that I never got around to telling you all about the kids last checkup! This was Madison's 5 year old checkup and Will's 18 month checkup.  Both needed shots, so it was lots of fun.  We had a really bad snow day that day, so Bill ended up being able to come with us (he tried driving into work — made it less than 2 miles in an hour and half and he wasn't even on the expressway yet!).  Now, I had this on a little piece of paper I lost, so I am doing this from memory.  🙂

Madison is 46 lbs. and 44 1/2 inches tall.  Will is still 26 lbs. and is 34 inches tall now.  The doctor is fine with where they both are at in their development, and except for the shots, it was a good visit.

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4 thoughts on “Kids Update!

  1. Wow, so was the doctor right around the corner – unlike his work – or did you leave hours earlier for the appointment?

    I don't like taking my little snoogs for shots, I wish I could take all his owies.

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