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Kitchen Do Over

For those who have been to my place, you all love the size of my kitchen.  I will agree; it is big.  However, my kitchen is set up terribly.  I wish it would be as easy as refacing my cupboards to solve the problems in there.  However, it is not that easy.  The first thing I hate is the color of the cabinets.  They are a dark wood.  We personally are an “oak” family, and it just doesn't go with our style.  My second issue is that my cabinets are tiny.  By looking at them, you would never guess.  However, the way they are set up, is really crazy.  To put plates in the cabinet, you have to turn them sideways.  Let me tell you, that is royal pain when you are trying to empy the dishwasher.

I often wondered if we would be better off installing some kitchen islands or even some kitchen island carts.  My only worry with a cart is that because it is not anchored to the floor that it would become a new playtoy for my kids.  However, it does have the advantage that it can be moved when the kids are playing in the kitchen.  My kitchen is big enough that I do not have to worry about space in there.  I wouldn't even mind getting a butcher block kitchen island.  I think with little ones the butcher block counter would probably hold up better.  Plus, my hubby loves wood and has often showed me butcher block counter tops (our laminate counter top now sucks.  That is about as nice as I can put it.  It is white and stained and just ugly).

From the research I have done, even doing a simple remodel like this can definitely add more value to your house.  With the economic climate the way it is, we need all the help we can get to add value to our homes.  Let me know what cool things you have done in your kitchens!

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  1. I envy your large kitchen concept, we moved last summer and the great thing about our old home was the big kitchen and yes we did have an island in the middle which was fantastic. The new house while probably about 3 times the size of the old house just doesn't measure up in the kitchen. We have been racking our brains trying to think of a better way to organize and have decided to build a pantry on an empty wall to match the cabinets. I have old laminated counter top too and it is grey and dull so I would love to change that out to a marble top at some point.

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