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My family and I are huge K'NEX fans, and their new toys don't disappoint.

With Best Friends on the Farm Building Set, you can build and play down on the farm with friends Elmo & Ernie! This set is for 2 and up kids and includes 7 chunky pieces. Since these pieces are bigger, your little ones can easily build with these blocks. Elmo has overalls and Ernie has his hat, and these are beyond cute.

For the 3+ kids, K'NEX has the Monster Buddies Building Set. With 23 pieces including rods, connectors, and personality parts including toes, curls, and blinking eyes, your child can build his favorite monster creation! My kids thought this kit was great! They giggled at the pieces and loved being able to build crazy looking creatures. I personally loved that this building set comes in easily portable box.

K'NEX has done well with both these sets.  My kids loved them, and mom (that's me) loved that these don't require batteries and instead makes them use their imagination.  Your kids will have hours of fun with K'NEX!

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