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KNEX Building Sets

The Rally Sport Racer uses classic K'NEX pieces to build a rally sport racer and race to the finish line! It comes with 113 pieces and is for 7 and up.

Madison has no problems putting this together. The enclosed directions make it super easy. However, Will has been having a field day with it. He loves his “car”. I love that you can build this into several different kinds of racers. You can build a vehicle that looks more like a car or a truck. I love how this toy requires them to play with their brains instead of batteries!

The Strike Force Bomber allows you to build a bomber with classic K'NEX pieces! The Strike Force Bomber has 137 pieces including missiles that can be released from the bomb bay doors to create realistic bombing missions. You can also build a drone or figher jet that each carry missiles.

My kids were huge fans of this building set too! With the instructions, Madison was able to build this with little help. Will has been flying all over our house. 🙂

K'NEX has created two really great and fun building sets. My kids had a blast with them, and so will yours!

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