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K'NEX Mario Kart Wii Building Sets

My kids LOVE Mario Kart. My 3 (aff) and 7 year olds play against one another, play against us, and play by themselves. That is why when K'NEX contacted me about checking out their Mario Kart Wii Building Sets I had to say YES!
Madison built the Mario and Stand Kart Building set. When I say built, I mean she did it without any help. It is for kids 6 and up, and she is seven. There are 66 pieces, and though it took her a bit, she was able to handle it with the directions (which are all in pictures). The coolest part though has to be that if you pull it back (when on the floor), the cart takes off and drives down your hall! 🙂 My kids definitely thought that was a coolest part!!!
Will and my husband built the Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set.  It didn't take them long, and my son has been playing with his motorcycle ever since!  He even sleeps with it!

These are both toys that my kids have consistently played with since we got them.   They are durable, easy to put together, and best of all, fun to play with.  I can only recommend them!

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  1. My daughter absolutely loved K'Nex growing up. I have fond memories of a roller coaster set taking up most of the free space in my living room after Santa brought her that present one year. I still have the ferris wheel in our basement…didn't have the heart to take it apart after she built it. Many smaller projects along the way and I have all of the pieces from these sets (minus the ferris wheel) safely stored away for the day that I have grandchildren! I can't say enough positive things about these playsets and how they expand your child's imagination, motor skills and creativity.

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