K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster
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K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster


Looking for a great Christmas present for your kids that doesn't require them to be looking at a screen of any sort? Have no fear! I've got one for you! The K'NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster is the perfect gift for the 9-12 year old in your life!


A creepy carnival themed coaster of fun, the Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster stands over 2 (aff) 1/2 (aff) feet high and this set provides hours of amusement, problem-solving, and brainteasers around every bend—and no vertigo! (And in real life, I have vertigo due to the awesome virus I caught so I can verify that it is not vertigo inducing and almost as much fun as riding a roller coaster!).f563fc0e-11e8-4efb-b70e-5b963b0269b3
Madison and Will (mostly Madison though) put together these 580 parts!  This includes over 14 feet of track and a motorized chain lift!  Madison loves putting these together, so we just let her have fun.  She followed the included easy-to-follow, step-by-step building instructions (there is also downloadable instructions for a 2nd coaster!).  The coaster ends up being over 2 ½ feet tall!

I can honestly tell you that was the quietest my kitchen has been in a while!  The kit is pretty awesome, and KNEX always provides a great way to keep your kids engaged without breaking the bank.

Want to get your own K'NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster?  You can find it exclusively at Walmart!  Enjoy watching us play!

19 thoughts on “K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

  1. I’ve seen this roller coaster a couple of times over the last few weeks and every time I see it I think about how much my grandkids would love this. I really need to get this for them for Christmas. They would be thrilled!

  2. I have heard so many great things about this Knex set. I am definitely thinking about getting this for my girls for Christmas. Thanks for the great review!

  3. This looks like a ton of fun. My toddlers are too little for this right now, but I can definitely see getting this as a gift for them in the future.

  4. My kids are builders and creatives and I adore that about them. My son is big into robotics and stem and his brain works so differently than mine. I love to see what he creates.

  5. Woah, that K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster looks like so much fun! I would’ve loved this as a kid. This would be a great Christmas gift for kids!

  6. We recently purchase The KNEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster for my little one. He just loves it. KNEX has really come a long way with thier ideas.

  7. The K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster is a great gift idea for any kid I believe. I know my niece’s kids would love to have this toy and I love gifting the STEM toys to them. It is awesome to have fun and learn at the same time for kids. Thanks for sharing this awesome gift idea.

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