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Kwikset SmartCode Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Lisa. Congrats!


Recently, we got new front door put on our house (thank god because my other door was horrible and just off. You couldn’t open or close the door without a tug of war). When we did that, we decided to put a new lock on it.  We opted to go with the Kwikset SmartCode locks.  I have to say that we LOVE them.  If I could think of stronger word than I love, I would use it.  Seriously, they are that awesome.

We had our contractor install them (who, by the way, has the same set on his house and gushed about how much he loved his), so I don’t know how hard they are to install (though the direction said you just need a screwdriver.  The only other thing you need is 4 AA batteries).  However, they are simple to use.  You get to pick the code you want (Since I live with an engineer, we, of course, had to use an eight number password).  The really cool thing is that you can assign special codes for people use and delete them when you want.  For example, if you go away on vacation, you can give your house sitter her own code.  When your vacation is over, you can delete that code, and it won’t work anymore!  The lock also has an auto lock function.  No more having to remember if you locked the door, because it does it for you!  The beautiful part of this lock is that you no longer need your keys to get in.  It is so nice when I have my arms full of kids, groceries, or whatever, that I am not fumbling around for keys.  The keypad lights itself up (which is helpful at night) and Madison (my 5 year old) can use it.  She often opens the door herself.  If you don’t want to use the auto lock, there also is a lock button on the keypad.

Since I absolutely love this product, I knew I had to get one for a lucky reader of mine!  Yes, you too can get a SmartCode lock like me!  You’ll be able to pick the style (lever, knob, handleset) and the finish too!  Here’s what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post.  Tell me why you need this lock.  I also want to know which finish you’d want (brass, nickel, bronze) and what kind of style you want (lever, knob, handleset).  Check out the Kwikset choices here. You must answer both questions (why and which one) for your entry to be valid).

Each of these gives you one additional entry:

1. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify. Or use something like this:

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This contest will end August 25th at noon CST! Good Luck!!

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378 thoughts on “Kwikset SmartCode Review and Giveaway”

  1. I took the survey on the site and based on my answers, it says the best lock for me is the Smart Code.

    I need this lock because I have an old house and locks that are just as old. I know a twelve year old can probably pick it open. Some doors (interiors, luckily) can be unlocked with just a slight shoulder bump. No such thing as privacy around our house 😆

  2. We're redoing all the woodwork and doors in the house after we gutted( and replaced) the kitchen. Well, the front door is in a real BIG need of a lock and door handle that will match the color of the back door,which is BRONZ and is a LEVER — OH I love the lever handles…..

  3. bronze, lever. I need it because I never carry a house key, I always use the garage, and when that fails, I'm stuck until someone comes home.

  4. the reason we need this is because we are moving into a new house ok not new but new to us and right now I hate this and that person get a key and good way to have a secure lock while repairs and fixes are done.
    I took the survey, and the code would be best for us- I really want to thankyou for this becuase its a bit more security when you have people drop in or have guests and feel uncomfortable giving them a key. I have seen these these but never really had any one say they liked or the benefits or how easy they are to install.

    i like the brass and the knob style

  5. I would love the lever style in Brass and I need this because I don't have a light close to my door to see the key hole and the lock I have now is not very good! I would love to win this set!

  6. I'd love to have this so my kid could unlock our home door without having to carry a key with him (and possibly lose it). I'd love the knob in nickel. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I would like to have this because it would be so much easier than having to worry about people loosing their keys, or leaving the house unlocked because they have lost their keys. I would like the brass finish, in the lever style.

  8. I need this lock because sometimes I have a brain fart and forget my house key. This would ideal in that situation. I would like it in bronze and in lever.

    I tweeted too. @sarakingphotos

  9. I need this because we just got a new house and I would love to pu this on our back door in case I am locked out I can just punch the code. We have huuricane windows so if I get locked out I can't break a window to get in.

    I would love the knob in bronze

  10. I like the brass finished one. I would need this because I live in a small town and there is alot of thieves around me. Every day you hear of someones home or business getting broke into. I am alone with the kids most of the time and when I leave I always have the fear of what if someone got into my home. This would help out.

  11. I like the brass one with a knob, and boy, do I need a new lock.
    The one on my front door was installed when the house was built, nearly 50 years ago.
    It is not secure at all.

  12. This house has the silliest lock system I have ever seen. Our pockets are bulging with all of the keys that we have to use just to get out of our house. Yes, we have to unlock the door with a key to get out.

    The smartcode in brass would be great. Oh so great!! Let's just say this giveaway put a sparkle in my eyes.

  13. I would choose the Smartcode in Brass. I would love the auto-lock feature. I always worry that I have forgotten to lock the door and would feel so much more secure knowing that we would never be locked out accidentally.

    thanks for the great giveaway.

  14. I'd love the Smartcode set in Brass with a Lever. It is both beautiful and practical. It would also help when I have friends check on the cats when I am away. They won't need a key to the hous.

  15. my current doorknob keeps falling apart so I really should replace it… and, with my kids getting older, a code lock would be a real plus…
    I would choose the brass lever style

  16. I would like this because my husband is not well, and when home care visits, they can have the code, and then I can reprogram. I'd like it in brass with a handle.


  17. We just moved to a new house so it would be great to put a new lock on. Plus, when I take my son for a walk around the neighborhood, not to take keys!

    And i love the nickel handleset

  18. We need it because the front door lock we have is so flimsy and this looks like it would hold up. I would choose it in brass.

  19. I would love to have the lock in brass for my sister. Her daughter is 3 years old and has learned to unlock the front door! She has just about caused my sister a heart attack on more than one occasion opening the front door. She desperately needs this lock! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. If you ever find yourself with the diagnosis of arthritis you'd understand why this lock would be a fantastic addition to your life and your hands.

  21. Would love to have the convenience of a lock like this since I'm so often away and leaving my house under the care of a kind neighbor. I like the brass

  22. I like the SmartCode handles in Brass because I can reset the code when needed. We travel a lot and need someone to watch our cat, so this would keep our house safe since we can change the code after the cat sitting is done.

  23. How cool you can rekey your own locks. Right now in our home, different doors have different keys, it's a pain. I like the level style in the Nickel or Chrome Finishes. I don't really like gold finishes and I'm trying to get rid of them slowly but surely in my home and on my door knobs. I like the key lock security they told about on their site.

  24. Home security is of utmost importance. All the styles are great but the brass knob suits our home best. Thank you for the contest.

  25. We need this lock because the twist lock we have now is not safe and it makes me nervous. I have been on my husband to please replace the existing one for three years, but he doesn't want to spend the money. 😯 I would choose the brass knob style. Thank you for the review.

  26. I would want a brass handleset style. I really need this because my husband does not believe in anything that inconviences him. Using a key in a lock is an inconvenience. So he never locks our door. He doesn't want to carry another key, fumble with it at the doorway etc. How crazy is it to not lock your door? He would find this wayyyyy neat and would use it. Not locking your door, yes I need this!!

  27. I play tug of war with my door too but not because the door itself sticks. My door knob wants to stick. Boy do I need a new lock!

  28. I am always fumbling for the right key and always worry about loosing it. And I really like a separate code for landlord or friends to have access and/or visit. I like all of them but the SmartCode in Nickle with the Lever is a fine one and I would use it immediately.

  29. We live in an older home that needs to have all of the door locks and handles updated. So this would be so perfect for us.
    I would love to have the Handleset in Brass.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  30. I am going to be moving into a house in November,,,I will need roommates to help with all the costs, I do-not like people going into my bedroom while away and this lock will greatly aid me in keeping them out!!

  31. I just made an offer on a house yesterday. Since the experts always recommend changing the locks when you buy a house, this is perfect timing. Since it's a 100 year old Victorian, I think the handleset in bronze would probably work best.

  32. 😉 I had these same problems with keys until I bought a mechanical keyless lock a couple years ago from Its a life saver, whole family loves it!. Plus mommy is free of the aggravation of leaving work to let the kids in after school because they lost their keys and are locked out. I just checked and gokeyless also has the SmartCode keyless lock on sale. I'm thinking about upgrading my mechanical one so I can give out temporary codes. Good luck, hope you win!

  33. I certainly need this beautiful code lock for my door because my children are constantly forgetting their keys….and I do too, sometimes. 🙄

    The bronze would look fabulous on my door!

    Thank you. 😎

  34. I need the Kwikset SmartCode Signature Series deadbolt lock to replace the current lock on my frontdoor. We have never been able to come in the frontdoor the 42 years we've lived in our home because we dont have keys for it. We have always just used the back porch door. Replacing our homes original lock with a new Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt lock would give use convenience and security needed to use our frontdoor properly for the first time in 42 years.

    I would choose the following if chosen the winner:

    Finish: Bronze
    Style: Handleset

  35. I need this as I have a daughter in high school who gets out of school while I am gone picking up the younger kids from school. i want her to be able to get in the house, but don't want to worry about her losing a key!

    I would choose the handleset in satin nickel.

  36. I took the Kwikset test on their website to determine which lock set I should have. SmartScan was the result and their test is why I would choose it. Another reason is because someone could guess your code but not your fingerprint. I prefer brass to match all the others on my house already, but it is not available in SmartScan so I'd get the Venetian.

  37. I could use this kind of lock to make it easier to get into the house, as our current key sticks. The brass knob would work well.

  38. My hands are always full at the front door and fumbling with keys is a nightmare. This lock would take frustation out of the equation.

    I would like the brass finish with the doorknob.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this product!

  39. I need this lock cause my daughter is always forgetting her key and then she gets locked out and then I feel really bad when I find out! This would be great when I wanted someone to stop by and take my dog out, woo hoo!

    I would like the Nickel Satin finish knob

  40. i would get the bronze knob. i totally need this when my hubby works late or goes hunting till about 3am i hate locking him out so i dont lock the door and with thisi can and he can use the code and he wont wake me up. every momneeds as much sleep as possible. and no telling how many times ive been outof town and need someone to pick something up at my house and i alwas forget to leave a spare key.

  41. I have locked myself out of the house 3x in the last year! I hate having to either crawl thru the doggie door, wait for someone to come home, or THE WORST…call my husband & ask him to come home to let me in. I would love to not have to worry where my keys are!!!

  42. My two year old daughter has locked me out of the house several times, so this would be AWESOME!!! I also hate having to hold a sleeping toddler and groceries while trying to find the right key.
    I would love the lever in venetian or rustic bronze

  43. I also have a front door lock that I am constantly fighting with! We've been needing to replace it, it just hasn't happened, something always seems to be more important to fix first…lol. I were to win this I would go with the nickel plated regular doorknob type. Thanks for your review!

  44. We always seem to go out without our keys, this lock would definitely help in not having to search for them. I would choose the lever style in nickel. Thanks!

  45. Wow awesome! I've always wanted one of those, especially when I go out of town and people stop by to check on my cats!
    I would love the nickel set with the knob if I won, thank you for the giveaway!

  46. I would like nickel knob. We need it for our back door because, well quite frankly, I have had times when I can't get the key in . Not a very safe thing

  47. The satin finish with knob stylewould be great! I love how safe it is and since I'm always wondering if I locked my door, this would give me peace of mind!

  48. I would love the peace of mind that this would bring. I always am in a rush and often come home to realize that I forgot to lock the door again. This would help so much! I would like the brass knob style.

  49. This is very neat! We just moved into a cute apartment in the city, but the lock is horrible! I've been panicking about it ever since we moved in! Our land lady said we could get a new lock, and this would be perfect! It's fancy and could keep us at ease. I would love the Brass Knob!!!

  50. I need this because I have my hands full trying to get my keys to open my door. I would choose the knob style in brass.
    Thanks for entering me!

  51. My current hardware is kind of a flaking off gold color. Not beautiful at all. Plus, it's a little flimsy, if I do say so myself. I'd love the venetian bronze lever.

  52. I took the test and it said the Smart Code was the best for me.
    Being disabled it is very difficult handling a key especially when it is so dark here in the woods because I forgot to turn on the porch light when I left -earlier in the day! Duh! The back-lit keypad would be a HUGE safty feature for me as far as getting in the house sooner, rather then later. I get pretty nervous standing there in the dark, and it is dark here, trying to find the key hole and then getting my hands to work to actually open the door!
    Also, since our son is in college and is running in Track and Field we travel to see him as much as we can. We have left keys with neighbors before, but, it makes me nervous, even though I am sure I can trust them not to make copies and rob me later. Being able to give them a temporary code we can elete and change would make me feel more secure! We have grown children I have given keys to that live all over the states and they have either lost them or can't remember which key on their key chain full of keys belongs to the house. Giving them a code would be so much easier when and while they are visiting. I have seen these locks and have been wanting the Nickel Lever style so much, but, since being disabled and unable to work, well, we cut back on things and this is one I feel should be a priority, but, so is our son's college education. So many reason's I should have one and I could be here all day! Thanks for the chance! Definitly will be getting one soon, we have Kwikset already and it has proven to be a quality product that has not broken or chipped, etc. I would definitly go for the Nickel lever style.

  53. i would love the smart code lock. i am always dropping groceries trying to get in my and my daughter could open it easier she is legally blind and cant see the keyhole very well. i would choose the knob handle in brass.

  54. I really need this – my kids have such a hard time with our current front door lock. They struggle with the key. This would be a great alternative. IT is good looking too.

    I would choose brass – lever style

    thanks for the giveaway.

  55. no matter how many times we try to fix it, our current door lock is always loose! We certainly could use this! All finishes look great…guess I would choose Nickel. Thanks.

  56. I need this lock because my current one constantly jams making it impossible at times to enter the house. I like the nickel/lever set.

  57. I blogged about it here 5

    I also forgot to put the why in my first answer so I'll add it here, if that's ok.

    I need to replace the lock because the the deadbolt lock on the front door can no longer be unlocked with a key. It's broken. This is the perfect time to fix it. Plus, the hardware style was totally outdated before.

  58. We could use this because our current locks aren't that great and I'm paranoid about break-ins!
    The finish I would like is nickel and the style I would want is the knob. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. This is a really neat lock. I need this one because ours is many years old and simply worn out.

    I would like the brass finish and lever type

  60. Susan Marina Brown L

    I need this lock because my Front Entrance door will not lock at all. It is broken. Fortunately, my dogs (2) like to sleep on the front porch (they ignore the doghouse!) and may deter possible thieves. I Love the Venetian Bronze lever set!

  61. I need this because ours is broken. Really the handleset lever doesn't work right and we have to push it all the way down and it is crooked. I like the brass handleset.

  62. This would be great I am always fumbling with my keys one child in my arm purse in one and trying to keep the other child from running in the street.

  63. I need this because I have a 18 month old son who loves to go in and out with or without me and at this point, he isn't big enough to use something like this, which would be wonderful! We would love it in nickel finish with the knob style handle. Thank you for the giveaway!

  64. So what happens when the batteries die. You still have to carry your keys with you in case that were to happen. Is there a warning light or some way it tells you the batteries are low??

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