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Lakeside Collection

Another great place to do some of your Christmas shopping is Lakeside Collection. They too have a little of something from everyone. If you have ever seen LTD, they are like that but with way better shipping prices. Unless back ordered, all of your order comes in at one time. You also pay shipping and handling based on what you spend. I like it, because I can find things in there I cannot find in the stores. I order some of Madison's Christmas presents every year from their catalog. You can view their catalog either online or request one to be sent to your house. If you know what you want to buy, you can just enter the codes in and not have to search online for each and every thing.

If you want some easy Christmas shopping, go check out Lakeside Collection. I just places a huge order today myself.

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    I ordered a printer stand from Lakeside Collection; after weeks of not receiving it I called. It had been discontinued. It took weeks to get the refund. The shipping was $ 10.oo which they did not refund. After 2 calls and over an hour with them on the phone, I have yet to receive the total refund.

    Before you order, make sure they have the item in stock. Please be aware that they will keep your shipping fees even when no item was shipped to you. BEWARE !

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