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Lands End Giveaway!

I love Lands End.  They have some of the greatest products.  They are priced great for the quality you get.  In case you don't know, Lands End has more than just clothes.  I have a Lands End jacket (I did a review of it a while back), luggage, and slippers too!

Madison picked out these really cute kid slippers herself. I was leaning more toward some that looked like ice skates, and she was like “no mom, I like the penguins”, so as you see, she won that argument. We were in the market for some slippers for all of us for the basement. As you may know, we remodeled and put down tile on the floor.  However, that tile gets really, really, really cold, and it hasn't gotten below 0 yet.  Also, my house is pretty much all hardwood floors.  Socks don't work well, because everyone ends up slipping and sliding and falling all over.  Madison told me they were super warm and then makes me touch her sweaty feet when she shows me (the joys of being a mom).

Now, Mommy took care of herself too. I picked up a pair of these travel slippers.  They are extra flexible for easy packing and are super soft.  They also have a slip resistant outsole.  Since I go to quite a few conferences, these will come in really handy.  Also, I have been using them around the house.  These also save my feet from my ice cold floors (both upstairs and downstairs).  My husband is liking them since I am not sticking my ice cold feet on him anymore.

Another piece we have added to our travel arsenal is this wheeled duffel bag. Can I tell you how awesome it is? Without anything in it, it is small enough to fit under my bed. Space is it a premium in my house, so that is so helpful! It also comes in extremely helpful when we go up to visit my parents. We are trying to get 4 people in two tiny bedrooms, so space is limited there too!  It is made out of denier ballistic nylon which is resistant to tears, abrasion, stains, and moisture.  Basically, it wil take a lickin' and still look great!  You can even get it monogrammed!

Now, all I know you want to know how to get your hands on this stuff, so I am having a giveaway. The winner gets to pick which item he/she wants! Here's what you need to do:

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This giveaway will end on December 5 at 8:00 pm CST is available to US residents only. Good luck!

0 thoughts on “Lands End Giveaway!

  1. I would like the Lands' End Lighthouse wheeled duffel bag if chosen because it looks like the perfect size I need for a 6 day trip I will be taking in March 09.

  2. I would really love to win the travel slippers. I have been looking for the right pair everywhere. Usually my money goes for something more important than me, or something I need. Its gotten colder lately and I really need some tootsie warmers!!

  3. I'd love to win the duffle bagfor my husband. He's in the military and is constantly on the go and he needs luggage that doesn't say "I'm in the military"

  4. I love the bag because with the price of added luggage I want something to carry on and get out of the airport quick


  6. I am terrible at packing (just … awful. always forget things, or bring the wrong things), and my family sometimes likes to invite me on spur-of-the-moment trips that last a night or two. So, I'm trying to make a bag that's always sort of packed with a few essentials and outfits just to keep ready all the time. In short, either the travel slippers (look so comfy!) or the luggage would be awesome to win 😀

  7. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I'd really love to win the wheeled duffel bag. I love that it's small enough to store into a small place. I could really use this, since my niece "borrowed" my suitcase and still has it. lol
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  8. the wheeled duffel bag would definately come in handy, as this january my husband and myself are going to hawaii and if you want to throw in a pair of travel slippers, why that'd be just dandy and i wouldn't mind.

  9. I think the kids slippers are adorable! One of my niece's presents every year from us is a new pair of slippers. She'd love these! Thanks so much!

  10. I would really love to win the travel slippers. These would be perfect for my Mom who is now retired, and is always on the go.


  11. I'd love to win the Wheeled Duffle Bag. There are so many times when just two hands aren't enough for carrying things, and in a small house with little room (but at least it's one that I can afford, and my own!) stowing it under the bed would be great!

  12. I would like the kids slippers because my nephew would love all of the cute designs! He'd probably choose the penguins like your daughter.

  13. I'd love the travel slippers. Like every mom, I don't spend much money on myself so once in a while, I get a huge kick out of a small treat.

  14. The wheeled duffle would be so helpful. As a college student I have to lug a laptop, books and other supplies to class. This would be fantastic. I could also use it for when my family travels. Thank you.

  15. I could use the wheeled duffel bag to replace one that we use for travelling whose wheels are not working right anymore. Thanks for the contest!

  16. wheeled duffel bag is what is needed in my house (just bought slippers for all last week). We have 2 duffels but neither have wheel so they sit on our garage shelf (just not practical with 3 kids) so a wheeled duffel bag would be much appreciated here!

  17. I'd love to win the wheeled duffel bag……it's a nice convenient size. Land's End is one of my favorite places to shop!

  18. I'm with your daughter, I like the Penguin slippers, too. Wish they came in adult sizes, I'd be lookin' like an old fool schlepping around in them. Since they don't, I'd choose the travel slippers.

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  19. the wheeled duffel looks awesome. I usually travel with two dogs and this would make it so much easier! thanks so much!

  20. I would like to have the slippers. I love slippers, but mine are too warm and they make my feet sweat.

  21. 😆 I would LOVE to win the wheeled duffle bag…I LOVE bags!!! I can really use the wheeled duffle to bring all my craft and knitting stuff places we go. Thank you for the chance.

  22. We need that wheeled duffle bag. My daughter went to camp this summer and left wet towels in our duffle bag all week long. It was so rank, I had to throw it out. This weekend she's at a friend's house and she had to pack plastic bags to carry her clothes.

  23. I would love to win the wheeled duffel bag for my daughter. She is a runner. What a great bag to tote her running clothes/gear, especially on weekend trips.

  24. Thanks for the awesome contest! I had a hard time deciding between the slippers & the duffel bag, but I would have to choose the duffel bag because it would come in handy on the (rare) trips we take. I always take too much stuff and never leave room for my husband's so this would make both of us happy.

  25. I would like the travel slippers because my feet are always cold and these look comfortable. Thank you for the giveaway!

  26. My pick would definitely be the women's travel slippers. How often have I found myself on a trip and looking for something to put on my feet once I've gotten there. I'm sure my husband would appreciate not having to share his socks…lol

  27. I'd like to enter for the wheeled duffel bag because i'm constantly traveling for my job. This bag is much better than the backpack I use that causes me back pain.

  28. I would like penguin slippers for my son. The Scottie dog ones are so cute too but I know he'd like the penguin.

  29. I love Lands End jackets, and of course the wonderfully warm slippers would be wonderful for my kids! Thanks! 🙂

  30. i would love to win the duffel bag, the last time I flewl all my luggage got torn to pieces so I'm in need of some new bags

  31. I would choose the duffle bag. I am in a long distance relationship, so I do a lot of traveling, and I currently don't have any decent luggage!

  32. I would want the Lands End Travel bag. Travelling is getting so difficult lately. Anything to make it easier to carry on.

  33. My choice is the wheeled duffle bag and I chose that because I am battling MS so anything wheeled makes my life easier.

  34. I would love to win those travel slippers for women. My husband and I are 81 years old, but we still travel a lot, and they would be SO great!

  35. i would like the duffle bag, we are always transporting something to and from so this would really be nice especially since it has wheels.

  36. I want the women's travel slippers to keep my feet warm while we are traveling in the car this winter.

  37. The wheeled duffle bag would be perfect for my grandchildren when they
    come to visit. They started flying by themselves and it would be easy for
    them to take this on the plane.

  38. How cute! I love the slippers. My youngest daughter's feet are always cold so we make her wear her slippers pretty much all the time. Thank you!!

  39. I'd love to have the duffel bag. My only current travel bag is a basketball gear bag from high school (& I didn't even play!). The wheels would be so helpful!

  40. I love the travel slippers in their own bag. This will be so handy when I travel. They don't take up much space and during these days of high energy costs houses aren't heated as much as they used to be so these would definately come in handy.

  41. I love that duffel bag! We don't get to travel that much but I could think of a lot of uses for this in the meantime!

  42. 😀 I love the kids slippers. I hope they come in my grandaughter's size. If not, I could go for the duffle bag or slippers for me. What a great prize!

  43. I could really use the wheeled duffle bag. I travel to Germany to visit my daughter and her family. After arriving I have to take the train. So a wheeled bag would be a real luxury for me.

  44. The wheeled duffel bag! I'm pregnant but still have to travel a bit more for work and this will help A LOT! I usually carry a large bag and then a rolling suitcase onto plains but having a rolling duffel bag will mean I won't have to carry anything anymore!!!

  45. I like the wheeled duffel bag and I'd give it to my grandson so he can pack a bag to spend the weekend with us

  46. My pick is the Lands End wheeled duffel bag, it looks like a nice item with plenty of capacity; my current wheeled bag is held together with duct tape, and it's internal frame is broken…it is pretty sorry looking, it kind of sags when it is packed.

  47. I'd love to win any of these items. I need a new pair of slippers and an extra pair would be great for my child. The bag would be nice to have for overnight stays. If I have to choose, my first choice is the wheeled duffel bag.

  48. They're all great products. I would pick the kids slippers. I think my daughter would have fun picking out her own slippers just like your daughter did.

  49. I love the wheeled duffel bag. We're going on a trip the week after Christmas and this bag looks like it will fit in the overhead compartment so I wouldn't have to pay extra to check another bag.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I would get the Penguin Kids' slippers because my daughter just outgrew her slippers and she and I love penguins. Thanks!

  51. I would LOVE the wheeled duffel bag because I am tired of CARRYING my suitcases when I go to visit my Mom in Virginia!!

    Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!!

  52. I would choose the women's travel slippers–then I would have something to wear around the house other than my socks.

  53. I want the slippers because I don't own a pair and it's getting realllly cold right now, here in Boston. I could definitely use some! Plus they're cute. I could also use the suitcase because mine is falling to pieces and it's also very cute =)

  54. I would love the wheeled duffle bag. This would be great for my son to use on trips to Grandmas house. He would feel great having his own bag that he could manuever around. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. I would like to win the kid's slippers, because all four of the kid feet around here are getting cold, and we could use an extra pair of slippers!

  56. Hi, my name is Tracey and I'm addicted to slippers. I am a SAHM so I live in slippers. I have slippers in every style and color but they are looking pretty scruffy after so many wearings.

  57. The wheeled duffel would be my choice. A few years ago we started taking yearly family vacations and we are always scrounging around and borrowing luggage. This would be very helpful.

  58. The wheeled duffel bag would be handy for the college daughter. She is
    so—o hard on bags. Lands End are wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I would like the wheeled duffel bag because I need small luggage I can use for carryon items due to the fees to check bags on most airlines. I plan on doing whatever I can to avoid paying extra money to fly.

  60. The wheeled duffle bag would be awesome..our older daughter is leaving for an internship at Disney and this would be perfect for her.

  61. I want the wheeled duffle because we like to travel light — which often means using things like a duffle bag — but the wheels on this will make it so much easier for me to handle!

  62. I'd get the kid slippers. Her old ones are just that – – old! Plus, she's in need lately! It's cold around here!

  63. I would like the Lands’ End Lighthouse wheeled duffel bag if I am chosen as the winner. I travel with my 92 year young mother and a wheeled bag would be much easier to tote than an over the shoulder bag. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ONE AND ALL!!!

  64. I'd love to win the wheeled duffel bag because I don't own one piece of luggage and on my trip to NYC, I had to borrow a suitcase which has a retractable handle – or rather was supposed to have a retractable handle. It wouldn't go down when it was supposed to so I was stuck picking it up rather than wheeling it around. All over O'Hare and LaGuardia airports! I looked like a fool!

  65. I love those adult travel slippers. They look nice and cozy. Thanks for having the contest and Happy Holidays!

  66. I could use the wheeled duffel bag for my daughter who is starting
    college.Thanks for the giveaway 😛

  67. I'd love the wheeled duffel for my husband. We have some trips to take after the holidays and he doesn't own a suitcase. He usually takes a bag he got as a promotional item, but it's falling apart.

  68. I live in a typical rural house, which means there is only one closet, and it is near the front door. There are no linen closets or built-in shelving units in any of the hallways. The kitchen had to have been designed by a man because instead of the usual style of cabinets, mine have all drawers. Boxes have become one source of keeping things clean and organized. Ergo my choice of item is the wheeled duffel bag. 🙂

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