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Lands’ End’s Kids Sport Squall Parka

You know you are a mom when you get all excited about a new winter coat for your 5 year old. However, this Lands’ End’s Kids Sport Squall Parka is Madison's new winter coat and we couldn't be happier! First of all, it is windproof with a  3 (aff)-ply nylon shell with a DriOff™ finish.  For us here in Chicago, this means it keeps the kid dry and warm.  We've had plenty of icky weather so far, and this coat has passed that test!  I love the adjustable cuffs (which you can't really see on this picture that they really are adjusted for her arms.  It's a great way to keep the cold finding it's way in.  I do like that the trim is reflective.  It makes it easier for her to be seen when we are in the parking lot (like at school for drop off and pick up.  I can only imagine I'll be dropping her off in the dark come winter!)  A feature we don't use but is on there is a MP3 player pocket with a cord port.  The waist also cinches so make the coat fit better and be warmer.  I can see us getting (hopefully) two years wear out of this.  The first day I had Madison wear this to school, her teacher complimented her on such a nice coat! The Lands’ End’s Kids Sport Squall Parka (aff) is available in 12 colors (differing for boys and girls) and come in youth sizes S, M, L and XL.  Your kids definitely want one of these for this winter!


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2 thoughts on “Lands’ End’s Kids Sport Squall Parka

  1. I love Lands End products. Hubby and I have used them for years, wayyyyyyyyy back in the day when they really only had outdoor items; not sheets, and home goodies. But, I think as fast as kids grow; the price for children's stuff is a bit much.

    Your model is darling.


  2. I’ve actually only recently heard about these products from a family friend so great to hear a second favourable opinion! Thanks alot!

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