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Lands' End Swimsuits

With swimming season here, you may need a new swimsuit. Do you have any tips for buying a great swimsuit? Here's a great video to help you pick out the perfect suit:

Lands' End allowed me to pick out a swimsuit for this swim season. (Ok, deep breathes. I'm going to post a picture of my suit).

I went with the Women's Regular All-over Control Slender Grecian Swimdress. I know it was a good sign when I put it on and Bill said “that looks really nice”. This is the same guy who didn't notice that I highlighted my hair and cut 4 inches off last week. So I definitely took that compliment. I love Lands' End swimsuits. Even though this suit is made to hold you all in, it is not constricting at all. The color is gorgeous, and when you read this review, I'll be swimming in this suit on my camping trip (I'm writing this before I leave!).

I really like the suit. It is complimenting. It fits me really well. I don't have to worry about the girls falling out the top, and it is a very flattering suit. If you need a swimming suit this summer, make sure you check out Lands' End. They have something for everyone!!!!

8 thoughts on “Lands' End Swimsuits

  1. The color is very elegant and I really like the V line. I do need to buy a new swimsuit so I'll search the web before trying.

    1. @Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay, I have to admit that the coverage even when swimming was way better than expected! It was great being on beach and not feeling the need to cover up with this suit!

    1. @Cindy @MomMaven, I highly recommend a Lands End suit. I have another one of theirs and they just help in the spots you need them too 🙂

  2. I love a modest yet fabulous swim suit and Lands End suits are just that. I have one and LOVE it. You look marvelous darling. And why is it that guys dont notice a haircut? I cut 6 inches off of mine the last time and hubby didn't notice 🙁

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