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Larry's Missing Music App

The latest reading readiness mobile app from Playful Owl. Larry thinks everything is better with music and we agree! Join Larry and his friends as they create silly instruments that make silly sounds. With Step-by-Story, a child as young as two years old can create his/her own short story through a series of simple choices. The app automatically turns the choices into an animation that can be shared with Mom and Dad. Each title includes over 500 possible story combinations and is currently available for $2 (aff).99.

Both my kids loved this app. It was easy for them both to use (my kids are 4 and 8), and it kept them busy for quite a long time. They've played in the car on the way to Green Bay and waiting in a restaurant for our food.  Mom will even admit to trying it out too.  🙂  I like apps that my kids can figure out themselves and keep themselves entertained with too!  I would recommend this app to anyone who has a VeggieTales fan in their home (aff)!







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