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LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table

LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table is one of those toys that you have to have if you have little ones. My mom got this for Madison when she was a baby, and we are still using it with Will. Depending on what you touch on here, everything makes a different sound.  Do you see the little purple cover? That is a little spot you can put things in. We put Cheerios in there, and both kids loved it! There are two volume control settings on here too. You can also take the legs off and allow them to just play with the top. LeapStart Learning Table is one of those toys that is worth every cent.

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5 thoughts on “LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table

  1. These are so cool! I have one for my granddaughter, 'lil Moomette which she loves, that I keep in the living room. Sometimes we forget to turn it off when she leaves after visiting. The slightest vibration will make it go off & start playing sounds – in the middle of the nite when I'm working on the computer ~ scaring me out of my wits when all's quiet! Thanks for sharing.
    Cindi – Moomettesgram

  2. My son has had this toy for a while now. he is 3 and he still plays with it as well. It was a great gift, and something that he uses all the time. I love LeapFrog, we also have the magnet ABC for our fridge. Such great toys and such a great toy producer.

  3. Leap Frog is always coming out with great products for the little ones. I wish I would have known about this one a year ago. Great post.

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