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Lego Universe

Madison is a video game freak especially if it has anything to do with Legos. We have Star Wars Lego, Indiana Jones Lego, and even Batman Lego. For Christmas, she asked for Harry Potter Lego. I like the personally, because they are less frustrating for a 6 year old. You can't die like you can in regular games. Plus, she plays video games by running all over the place and just checking things out (It drives Bill absolutely insane. He's all about getting the missions done, and she's all about taking your time and smelling the roses.)

That is why when we were offered the chance to check out Lego Universe, I knew I had to jump at it. I knew this was right up Madison's alley, and boy, was I not wrong. I have two words for you: party pants!

I'll be honest — I don't know the back story besides there is an evil somebody yada yada yada. The story doesn't matter. From what I've gathered from a six year old playing is that you have missions on different worlds. You can also just go around and smell the roses (which is what my daughter likes doing). You also go around and collect things. For example, I think Madison's up to six pets now (one of them being a puppy called biscuit. She also talks to said virtual puppy while she is playing).

The things I like about this came include the fact that a six year old can play without getting frustrated.  The cooler thing is that adults are enjoying it as well (check out hardworking hubby's review).  There is nothing like playing a game and realizing that one of your friends just ran by you!

I also liked that this game takes all of the same game play elements from the other Lego games.  I know that I have heard some complaints about getting kicked out, because this is a MMO game and if too many people log in at once the servers can't handle it.  However, Madison really hasn't had that problem.  There are missions to be played and it requires her to use her critical thinking skills to do things like getting pets.

Lego Universe is a must have the Lego fan in your life.

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