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If you aren't lucky enough to have vision insurance or have vision insurance that will only pay up to a certain amount for your contact lenses, you should definitely check out LensShopper.  Now, my vision insurance will pay up to $250 a year for contact lenses.  That sounds like a lot, but if you wear contacts, you know it isn't.  That only pays for a couple of months of contacts, and then I pay out of pocket for the rest.  My last order of contacts I stilled owed money on after they took the insurance off.  That is where LensShopper comes into play.  Their lenses are a ton cheaper than what I normally pay for my contacts!  They even have even better deals if you order in bulk!  I love that it tells me how long the delivery time is and whether or not the contacts are even in stock.  Nothing is more annoying than ordering contacts, and then after you place your order, you find out their are backordered.  I love that they even make it easy to find the best deals on their site by listing the best deals for each kind of contacts.  If you just want to search out your contacts, you can choose to search by manufacturer, lens type, and even popular lenses.

Now, I personsally use the Focus Night & Day contacts.  I found on their site that I can get a box for $40.95 (if I order bulk) and get free shipping!  I love free shipping!  That is a darn good deal for my contacts!  I would save almost $40 off my normal order of 6 boxes!  I can't complain about savings like that!  If you need contacts, you need to definitely check out LensShopper for all your contact needs!

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  1. Great deals could be sweet. But it's also important to check your eyes at an optometrist. Even if you think your eyesight didn't change and you can stick to the same contacts, it's also a good way to check if your eyes are still healthy. Not something you can do by just ordering contacts online.

    Of course you are able to go to an optometrist and get your eyes checked. Just to be sure they're healthy, ask for the details and order online. Not many optometrist would be happy with that, but at least you can get your eyes checked.

    I've been wearing contacts for 10 years now and looked into different kinds of laser surgery. I think if you have bad eyesight you should be super super careful with your eyes, it's the only pair you have.

  2. @Aleida: this is extremely important, don't order unless you know what you are supposed to be wearing!

    This site does have good deals but I guarantee that they will have backorders very soon!

  3. I have perfect vision, so do not need contacts. It is great for you that you have found a website that offer such great value. Only problem with ordering in bulk is if your eyesight changes.

  4. I'm just looking into using contacts at the moment instead of my glasses. Never used them before, would people recommend i try them?

  5. I am very lucky to have a girlfriend who works at an optometrist office 😆

    I get my frames and lenses at cost, which is so incredibly cheap. You wouldn't believe the prices they purchase these "gucci" or "armani" frames for and then turn around and sell them with a 300% markup. It seems like to me an optometrist is more of a retail business than a medical business 🙁

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