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Lets Get Ready . . .

Madison and I have been reading both the Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten and Let's Get Ready For First Grade.  These books are great.  Even with Madison only being four, we are able to do activities out of both of these books.  The first thing I love is that we can write with our felt tip pens on these books and then erase when we are done with the activities.  The activities are also very age appropriate.  We are able to do some of the activities, because they worked on them in preschool.  However, there are a lot of things we will be working towards.  In the kindergaren book, there is a list of skills that we should be working on with Madison like knowing our address and phone number, taking turns, and recognizing your left and right.  Now, Madison knows a bunch of things on that list.  However, there is a good chunk of things she doesn't (like knowing her left and right).  There are a lot of skills in these books that we will be working on all summer, so she's set for preschool again in the fall.  I'm glad we have a fun way to work on them.

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  1. Great books for children.I think 'Lets Get Ready For Kindergaren' book is perfect for my little sister.Thanks for the post.

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