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lia sophia show

I have another lia sophia show tonight for a friend of my husband's family. This should be a good show. Besides Bill's aunts, there will be a whole new set of people there who haven't heard my speech. Cross your fingers, I really need some more bookings. I have redone my trays and have new jewelry from them to look at. I have also changed my little speech. The biggest thing is that I am no longer using a sheet of paper with my speech written word for word. Instead, I have my entire presentation on 2 note cards. Woo hoo. Huge step for me. I am a little nervous, but I tend to hide it well.

I am a good public speaker, but I get nervous like everyone else. I know a ton about the jewelry and the company, so I can never figure out why I get nervous. When I did my first show, everyone told me I sounded great and they couldn't tell I was nervous. I always get told that even when I think I did my worst. I can fake it real well. 🙂

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