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Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster, and Me

I love when books I've reviewed in the past get a makeover. I've actually reviewed both Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster, and Me. However, they have recently had a makeover, so I'm taking a second look!

The Mouse, the Monster and Me teaches youngsters assertiveness, helping them find a balance between their aggressive and passive selves. It introduces the concept of treating others fairly, making responsible (smart) choices, and saying “no” to trouble.






Liking Myself helps build children's self-esteem. The games and activities help readers discover their unique abilities and identify and manage their feelings.

Both these books are awesome. I really like them.  They teach your kids that they are special.  I can definitely see how these can even help prevent bullying.  I love what they have done with the illustrations now.  They are eye catching and really catch the kids and reel them in.  I actually think it makes the books more exciting.

If you have kids, both these books are a great read for them!

3 thoughts on “Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster, and Me

  1. These look really good! My son loves story time and I love when the stories we read have a good lesson. I feel like he absorbs the themes from books so I want to make sure what we’re reading has a good message. Adding these to our list!

  2. Oh I really like the Liking Myself book, one of my daughters struggles with her self esteem. I am going to go look these up and possibly order one or both of these. Great post, thanks for sharing! (PP)

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