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Little Wonder Company's Personalized Children's Books

Reading has always been important in my home (aff). It is really the step stone to life. Everything requires you to be able to read. However, when your kids are little, that is the time to introduce the love of reading. That is the time to draw them into the word of imagination.

Little Boy Lightening does just that.  This is one of Little Wonder (aff) Company's personalized children's books.  They allow you to add your child's name to a story (I've seen this done a lot).  However, what is unique about these books is that you get to pick the look of the hero (your child).  Your child can literally see themselves in the book's illustrations!  You get to pick the physical characteristics that resemble the book's recipient.  My son, who is 3 (aff), adored this book.  It is very cool to watch your child realize that the story is about him/her and say “mom, that's me”.  My six year old was able to read the book, so that was another win too!

Litte Wonder (aff) Company was honored with the 2010 Kid Product of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine for these books, and I can see why.  This high quality unique book will be well loved by any child!

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