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Looking forward to spring

We've had a lot of crazy weather this year here in Chicago. First it is cold. Then it is hot. Then we got almost a foot of snow that melts that same weekend. Now, this weekend we are going to get snow and it will be arctic cold.

That is why I am looking forward to spring. My kids are ready to get one of those newwooden playsets. They love to play outside. I personally wish I had enough room for this:

Tell me if that is not the coolest looking wooden playset you have ever seen! You can even get that really awesome rubber mulch to put underneath. I personally am a fan of the stuff, because when the kids fall, it really cushions them. We know people who have it and swear by it!

That pirate ship I found at Caroline Playsets. I love that they feature and promote American made products manufactured with American lumber (usually southern pine) and offer high quality outdoor playsets at very competitive prices. We personally like buying American made things. Plus, they deliver and install, so I don't have to worry about getting a playset and then waiting on Bill to put it up.

I'm off to spend the rest of the afternoon to see if I can find something that will fit better in my yard!

2 thoughts on “Looking forward to spring

  1. That looks awesome. We had to take ours down after the last big hurricane and never put a new one up. If the kids were a bit smaller I would definitely think about it. We are supposed to get a major chill tonight… mid to low fourties which is freezing to us Floridians!!!! 🙂

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