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Even though this store is farther away from me than Menards and Home (aff) Depot, I think Lowe's is my new favorite store. As far as prices go, I think they are pretty much in line with everyone else. However, there are some very specific things that stood out for me when we made a trip out to Orland last week.

First, we were looking for a very specific vanity. I only have room in my bathroom for a 24″ one, Bill wanted oak, and I wanted it to have drawers. That does not sound too picky. However, to get a vanity that small, it was very difficult. I was able to go onto Lowe's website and see what choices were available. It also allowed me to enter my zip code. It told me what stores were the closest to me. The part that I was impressed with was that it told me that my local store had the inventory for what I was looking for. Nothing is more frustrating than either having to call or go to the store to find out that they don't have any (just happened with Home (aff) Depot). They also had way more choices for vanities there (not in the size I needed but in general). We were also able to pick up a medicine cabinet that we did not find anywhere else.

Their customer service rocked. Once we were there, we did not have to search someone down to help us. They immediately asked us if we needed help. Also, Bill even loved the next thing I am going to talk about. On every display, they listed where in the store you could find the item. It told you the row, column, and shelf to look on. I cannot tell you how much time that saved. I loved it!

Overall, this was a great shopping experience. Lowe's got a good chunk of our money last week, and we will be heading out there again this week to pick up a few more odds and ends that we need to finish the bathroom. I would highly recommend Lowe's for your home remodeling needs.

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  1. Hubby and I end up in Lowes just about every year on our anniversary. Isn’t that romantic? LOL Our 33rd will be this Friday. We are going to a wedding!

  2. I used to work at Lowes Corp, and I enjoyed all of my customers. The Corp Office was hard, but I loved the people. I'm glad to know that customers are getting what they deserve. If you need any more help, feel free to ask!

  3. Lisa!

    I know this was written a while ago, but Lowes is also my favorite hardware store. It's just less daunting than a Home Depot. Generally, hardware stores have the same prices. I'm always trying to save fellow mommies money. I found a few sites that offer great discounts for online buys. This one I found has the best discounts: http://www.cheapsally.com/?s=lowes Have you ever heard of it?

    Take care sweetie,


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