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I am all about saving time.  I really am.  With two kids underfoot, there is never enough time in the day.  Bill and I have been talking about remodeling our kitchen for some time now (granted, it won't happen till at least next year when we can save up enough cash to do it).  When we remodel, I want all new stuff in there (who wouldn't).  I came across Lumens where I can get everything from lighting to Alessi accessories.  It is truly a one stop shop to get everything you need to decorate any room in your house.  I know that Bill and I both can't stand our current lighting in the kitchen, so I definitely know we are in the market for new cool lighting.  They have modern lighting and innovators like FLOS, Artemide, Tech Lighting, and LBL Lighting.  They even have floor lamps to pick from.  There is definitely something for everyone.  I do like the ceiling fan we have, but Lumens does have a great selection of those too!  They have accessories for every room too!

Best of all, Lumens offers free shipping for orders over $50.  I love free shipping and could easily spend $50.  If you are looking at redecorating or doing a little remodeling, check out Lumens.

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  1. I thought that would be a great source as I am looking for lamps – whoa – way to pricey for my pocket book. $238 for a clip on lamp???

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