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Madagascar 2 Wii Game aka I Like To Move It Move It

Madison can never remember Madagascar, so we call it “I like to move it, move it” in my house.  My kids love both of the Madagascar movies (heck, my husband and I love them too — the penguins are my personal favorite).  For us, it was a naturally progression to get the Wii game (since we have done this with several other movies we have seen).  The first thing I love is that it is rated E for Everyone.  Why is this important?  We have had kid's games rated higher than that even though they are based on little kid movies.  If it rated any higher, Madison has a tendency to not be able to play it which is just too frustrating for everyone in this house.  The graphics do the characters justice too.  The main game is a single player game.  However, there are several minigames also, and those tended to be two players.  I love that this actually easy enough for a four year old to play (hot potato and musical chairs were a hit here) and still hard enough for adults.  You also are able to pick your favorite player to play with too be it Alex or Marty or even the penguins. Each character actually has their own unique abilities (Melman has healing powers), combat skills (Marty has a powerful kick), and special moves (Alex can zip down vines).  This is truly a fun game to play, and if you don't have a wii, you are able to get this game on DS, PSP, XBox, Playstation and PS2 also.

5 thoughts on “Madagascar 2 Wii Game aka I Like To Move It Move It

  1. I have ninitendo wii console and several games but I love to play mario kart wii and I rate it higher than others.

  2. Madagascar 2 Wii game…. Very dissapointed and shocked with this game, i have a 5 year old and whilst she was playing this game my husband and I got a shock, King Julian, in parts of the game he uses bad language! "Catch those Pr**cks" Not very impressed. We took it back to the GAME shop, who played it and were also shocked and agreed! I can not believe this has been sold for the age group 3 and up!!! And you havent noticed, some review…….

  3. If she plays especially on the beach scene ( move it move it race) with King Julian as the voice over, doesnt matter what character she is, he comes on telling you to race etc, will shock you!! Even the staff in GAME were amazed. Let me know what you think…

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