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We went to the new doctor today for Madison's 3 (aff) year old check up. She is 38 1/2 (aff) inches tall and 34 lbs. That means she gained 1/2 (aff) inch and 3 (aff) lbs in the last 6 months. Not bad kid. We are starting her on a multivitamin. They are also putting her on a prescription for her pooping problem. This is something we have been messing around with since she was 7 months old. Finally, a doctor is willing to fix the situation instead of telling me she'll outgrow it. This doctor also showed me how the bones in her legs are curved and that's why she toes in when she walks. This is something she will outgrow by the time she is a teenager. She has also been crossing her eyes. She was doing this at the drs office too. So now we have to take her to a pediatric eye doctor. Fun, fun, fun. That appt is set up for the 23rd.

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