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Madison and Sparky

Madison loves stickers, so when she saw that I got a sticker from Agency Bootcamp (this is a seminar I went to last week on how to leverage social media for brands. I went for my freelance position –not so much for my blogs. The cool thing is that I got to meet Corrin in person. I have known her for almost two years online, so it was weird yet cool when she came to pick me up to go). This was one of the few times that Madison actually wanted her picture taken and I didn't have to threaten her that I was getting some life insurance quotes if she didn't listen. Here are the pictures of her modeling her new sticker (and she did such a good job that I'll take offers for her to model other things – lol):

11 thoughts on “Madison and Sparky

  1. She was super excited when she saw it and begged me to take some picture of her with it on. You do have to remember that this is the same kid who takes my popcorn bowl and wears it as a hat. 🙂

  2. The top photo on the right, that's my favorite! What a cute pose 🙂

    I saw a sticker book at Target the other day that had SEVEN HUNDRED Dora the Explorer stickers in it, and I was so close to buying it for Kaitlyn! She loves stickers!

  3. Like bothj of you said, the top one on the right is also my favorite. Hehe. She looks like she's having fun. All for a sticker, too. Maybe she should have a sticker in every photo? Haha. 😛

    P.S. The "threaten her that I was getting some life insurance quotes" statement was priceless.

  4. Ah, she looks so cute modeling!

    But wow, she seems to have grown a lot since the last time I saw pictures of her on your blog here. o.O

  5. Madison looks so cute with that stickers. Especially the last one is the one which i liked most. So i am just thinking how excited she would have been when she saw that.

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