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Madison Update: Influenza

I first need to thank Marisa and Kat for keeping me calm last night (I'll link you guys after I get some sleep tonight).  They kept me calm when Madison's fever spiked up to 105.7 last night.  We got it back down.
However, her fever spiked back up around 2 (aff) this afternoon to 102.3 (aff) which at that point I called the doctor.  I then gave her some Motrin again.  They got her in at 3 (aff):15, and we didn't get back into the room until 4.  When they took her temp there, she was at 104.9.  They gave her some Tylenol, did a strep test, and a urinalysis.  They think she has influenza.  They think she'll be over it by Thursday (we are suppose to leave for AZ Friday morning, so at this point, we have no idea if we are going yet).  However, I guess influenza is highly contagious, so they are worried that Will is going to get it.  Since he is only 8 months old, that would be very very bad.  We now have to give her Motrin and Tylenol alternating every four hours.

If I don't get to post anything tomorrow, we are back at the doctors office.

10 thoughts on “Madison Update: Influenza

  1. glad she's diagnosed and on her way to recovery. my husband is a paramedic and suggests taking kids to the ER if they have a fever over 103 because seizures are possible. they aren't likely, but possible, and i can't even imagine how scary that would be.

    hope will stays healthy!

  2. Thanks. 🙂 We were trying to avoid the ER. Here you are looking at a min visit of 4-6 hours and they really wouldn't have done more than we did at home. Just keeping fingers crossed at this point.

  3. I'm glad that you took the responsibility to call a doctor and that Madison has been diagnosed. Here's to a speedy recovery, poor little lass! But remember to take it easy too – it's not easy being a mum by any means, is it? Especially when the sprogs get ill!

    I'm trying not to state the obvious here because as a parent you probably know half of this but fevers can often seem more sinister than they really are, particularly in very young children who get them quite commonly. However such a high fever is quite frightening for any parent and you had every right to feel concerned. I hope you feel calmer now she has been diagnosed and that you feel a bit less lost and helpless. 🙂

  4. That can be very scary, especially if you're unable to get the fever to break. Sounds like you're doing everything you can and I hope she's feeling better soon. Hopefully the rest of you won't get sick.

  5. So sorry to hear of the sickies.. I always hate it when anyone in the house is sick (and is a potential for getting the youngests – 3 & 6 in my case – sick). Hope Madison is well by Thursday and Will avoids it (and you too!)

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