Madison’s Busy Week

Madison has had a huge week. On Monday, the dentist pulled out three teeth. On Tuesday night (after we put her to bed), she came out and handed me another tooth she had pulled out (The Tooth Fairy is broke now!). That's 4 teeth in 2 (aff) days!

On Wednesday, we went to Madison's piano lessons. I've had quite a few people ask how thing were going this this, and they are going great! She loves piano. She practices without having to fight with her. AND she got 5 songs to practice for next week. Normally, she was getting 3 (aff), but she really kicked butt this week. Her teacher told me that some kids only get 1 a week, and she wanted to let me know how good she was doing.

She has also decided that she doesn't want me to walk her into school. Instead, she wants me to drop her off at the drop off point and leave. We've been doing that all week, and she's been doing awesome with it!

As you can see, she's had a great week!

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