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Madison’s Christmas Concert

I know that not everyone wants to watch this. It is Madison's Christmas concert. It is about 13 minutes and my first time using the camera. However, my family is 4 hours away and would like to see it. Happy watching!

4 thoughts on “Madison’s Christmas Concert

  1. The video only shows 10 seconds and it is blank. You probably already knew that though. I'm anxious to see how your camera worked for you.

  2. It works now. How very cute. I see I have so many great things to look forward to as Eva gets older. We just took her to see Santa for the first time ever. The camera you used took some great video. Good job. What did you finally use to get the 13 minutes? I see you used Windows Movie Maker, it is a great program isn't it? I used it for my wedding favor video.

  3. We ended up using mydeo or something link that. It was on the list of websites that you can use with Windows movie maker. I'm glad you like the video. I am excited for my parents and sister to see it. Otherwise, they would have had to wait till Christmas! I am so glad I figured out how to get on here. I am hoping next time it won't take me quite as long.

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