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Madison’s Teeth Problems

The other post was getting a bit long, and I wanted to let everybody know what is going on with Madison's teeth now.  Here's what we are literally looking at:

You can clearly see where she chipped her tooth.  However, if you look, the upper tooth is now filling that area (we figure that's why the tooth chipped in the first place.).  However, they can't fix the bottom tooth until we get that top one of the way.  2 (aff) dentist/orthodontist appts later, we have a plan.  First, we have to wait till her mouth settles because she has gum trauma.  I guess her mouth can keep shifting until the gum damage fixes itself.  It was decided to wait till after the holidays, and she will be fitted with a retainer.  After that upper tooth gets moved out of that area, they will be fixing the bottom tooth.

I was hoping to get this all fixed before Christmas, but there isn't much I can do about that.  It could have been so much worse, so I guess I need to be thankful for what we are dealing with.

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