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Madison’s visit to the dentist

I haven't blogged about this yet since I am still pretty upset over the whole situation. Madison had a dentist appointment on Friday. It was to get her teeth cleaned. She was terrified. This was a general dentistry office. Instead of trying to calm her down, they threatened her instead. They told her that if she didn't behave that they would kick me out of the room and shut the door. That made her even more terrified. After giving her five minutes to collect herself, they told me I would have to reschedule. I was so mad. We are never going back there. Ever. Bill and I won't be going there either. I now have made an appointment for pediatric dentist for her to go to. It wasn't like she was asking for a pearl necklace. She just wanted her mommy there holding her hand.

2 thoughts on “Madison’s visit to the dentist

  1. You will be completely happy with a pediatric dentist! We LOVE ours! It is just a kid friendly place.

    I can't believe that guy is still in business! You really should report him/them to the BBB!!

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