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Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012

Are you a kit fan? Can you not decide which kits are good? If you answered yes, then you need to check out Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012. Kits are the gateway to learning and creativity for kids. They are a great way to master new skills and technologies. Kits are great for beginners, fun to share, and are fun for adults and kids alike.

Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 has so many great kits in it. You won't be disappointed if you pick any of the kits that they reviewed. They all look like fun. This is another magazine that my husband loved and couldn't wait to show his brothers! It definitely gets the guys interested. My kids went through here too (7 and 4), and they found many kits that they'd love to try too.

Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 is currently on newsstands from now till February 15th. Enjoy looking through over 175 reviews and let me know if you get any of them!

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