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Ever wonder (aff) if your children's behavior is normal? Ever wonder (aff) about how to handle certain situations (like a spider bite for example)?  I know I look for advice from other moms on these kinds of things.  A great place to get answers like these is Mamapedia.  This is place where you can ask other moms questions and get their answers.  I even learned what I should do for the spider bite I got over the weekend (several moms suggest taping a penny on it.  I figure it can't hurt anything).  I love that we can help one another out and learn new things in the process.

The site is one of the easiest one's out there to navigate.  You can even see what other moms are searching for in real time!  Taken right from the site, Mamapedia is:

  • For mothers with kids of all ages
  • Questions by moms, answered by moms who’ve been there
  • Over a million answers on everything from Acne to Zoos
  • Easily searchable and browsable
  • Updated daily
  • 100% free

I would highly recommend that all moms check it out!

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