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March of Dimes March For Babies

My sister over at Karebear Central is walking in Walk America this weekend up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Since we are in the middle of a remodeling project, the kids and I aren't going up there. However, I would love to surprise her and help her raise money for such a great cause!

I truly believe that without the research the March Of Dimes has done, my kids would not be here. I had preterm labor issues with both of my children. If they (the doctors) wouldn't have been able to stop it, my kids would have been born too early and probably would not have survived. My cousins two children were born extremely premature. Her daughter was only 3 (aff) lbs when born.

If you ask around your friends and family, you will be amazed at how many people you know that have benefited from the March of Dimes and their research. With that in mind, please consider donating to March of Dimes March For Babies. All those who donate will be included get a link from both me on this blog and a link from my sister on her blog. For anyone who donates $20 or more, I will also write a review about your blog (or whatever you want) over on my Lisa Reviews blog. Leave me a comment if you donate. Thanks!!!!

6 thoughts on “March of Dimes March For Babies

  1. Great post. I might have to take you up on a review for a blog that I author. I really like the theme you have for this blog. It's brilliant.

  2. Sorry but I already made my donation to March of Dimes for the year. I always donate to them because I believe that partly because of their research and education on taking Folic Acid early in pregnancy I was finally able to have my youngest dd. They do outstanding work.

  3. I wish all their work were as positive as their research work. Sadly, much of their raised money goes toward funding an effort at "early detection" of "defects" with an eye toward abortion for those unborn who are found to have these defects. It pains me to think that any human being would be considered defective, and therefore deserving of being eliminated.

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