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Marriott blames rape on victim

Yes, you heard me right. This is story that is getting picked up on all the newswires. I seriously can't believe it myself.

The woman and her children were leaving the hotel when the attacker stuck a gun in the woman's back. He proceed to rape her in front of her children and even threatened to assault one of her kids. The assailant fled when another car pulled up. He was arrested 3 (aff) days later and confessed. The court papers state that the guy had been hanging around the place for days before the attack and that the hotel did not make him leave.

So, the woman gets raped isn't bad enough — Marriott actually made it worse. Their legal team “subpoenaed several people involved with the family, including a Pilates instructor, friends, tennis partners and the children's baby sitter”. Now, seriously, what the hell do those people have to do with the rape? NOTHING! In my opinion, it was to get the woman to drop her suit, because some of these people didn't even know it had happened. Nothing like shaming the victim and making her feel worse than she does! Oh yeah, and she “failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities,”. Way to go, blame the freaking victim.

Marriott's last statement on this matter:

“We wish to convey our respect and sympathy for Ms. Doe and her family, who were the victims of a horrendous crime in 2006. Marriott is profoundly sorry that such a terrible thing happened to the victim of this violent crime. And unfortunately this situation has created a mistaken impression that Marriott lacks respect and concern for Ms. Doe or other victims of violent crime. However, out of respect for the privacy of the victim and the expectations of the Court in the pending litigation, we are not at liberty to comment on the claims or defenses in this case.”

Really? Because smearing her in court, that was done out of respect?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this . . .

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15 thoughts on “Marriott blames rape on victim

  1. Yep – exactly. I unleashed my full satirical fury on my blog as well. Unbelievable.

    Well, as my husband said in response, At least we know which hotels to go to if we want you to be respected in any way.

  2. Marriott will lose if they own the parking garage where the rape took place, and according to the news reports, they admit they own the garage.

    If they own the parking garage, then they should be providing security for it to protect their guests vehicles while they stay at the hotel.

    If the hotel managers and security knew that this man had been loitering and acting suspiciously for days before the rape and they did nothing, then they will be held liable, and again, according to the news reports, the manager and security knew that the man had been loitering and acting suspiciously for days before the attack.

    This is how legal defense teams work, they always try to blame the victim because they know that if they don't come up with some kind of defense, that they will lose, a lot.

    This woman was a guest of their hotel, security is implied when staying at a hotel, and most hotels tell you that they have 24-hour security, so the woman was under either the implied notion of security, or told that there was 24-hour security, that she and her children would be safe not only inside the hotel, but inside the hotel's parking garage as well.

    If they tell you they have 24-hour security, then you should definitely go after them for not protecting you and all of their guests when something does happen.

    Don't worry, Marriott will lose this one, they can say all they want that it's her fault, but if her attorneys find any evidence that the hotel states that they have 24-hour security either verbally or on their website, or in any brochures or wall hangings inside the hotel or parking garage, or video cameras in their hotel and parking garage, then security is definitely implied, and she will win due to lack of security.

    Also, if her attorney can subpoena the records from the hotel's guest registry and find other guests that stayed during the same time, they can get those guests to testify that they also saw the man loitering and acting suspiciously for days before the attack.

    It's totally shitty for them to play defense this way, but they'll lose, and they'll lose big time.

    This will also probably end up being settled out of court if her attorney does get other guests to testify to the rapist being there, and either the implied notion of security, or told that there was 24-hour security.

    Even if they get just 2 other guests to testify who stayed during the same time period, it will be enough to make Marriott settle quietly out of court for millions, and now she can also throw in punitive damages for the stress caused by Marriott outing her rape status to friends and acquaintances like her pilates instructor.


  3. Well, I'll tell you exactly what I think! This sucks big fat hairy smelly donkey 'nads. I posted this on Facebook earlier and want as many people as possible to know about it. I'm glad you posted it, too.

    I fail to see what this woman did to *encourage* her rapist. He put a gun to her, if she tried to fight back, what's not to say that the scumbag would have shot her and/or her kids?

    Marriott owes her big time, not just for not doing something about this pervo when he was seen skeeving about on the hotel property, but for making her suffer further indignities by trying to place the blame on her for what happened.

    I will NEVER stay at a Marriott property every again. This is unforgivable.

    I hope she wins millions from Marriott. It'll never heal her wounds, and those of her children who had to witness such violence, but at least it will hit these a$$holes in the wallet, where it will hurt them the most.

  4. That is terrible! Well it's horrible what happened, getting rape in front of her kids but Marriot's response is just unforgivable. I do understand them wanting to protect their pocketbook, but some things are more important than money. AND if they really were concerned about their pocket book, they should have thought twice about the effect bad publicity like this would make on their image. I vote for boycotting Marriot's too. There's plenty of hotels out there.

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