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Maytag Microwaves

This is my brand new microwave. Isn't it awesome? It is a one of those over the range microwaves that allow you to run a fan and have some extra light over your stove. It has 1,000 cooking watts, 10 power levels, electronic touch controls, and a precision cooking system. This has been the best microwave (aff) I have ever owned. To make my top ten list, it has to make popcorn without burning it. This seems to be a hard test. I have never owned one before that actually didn't burn my popcorn. Granted, this kind of popcorn isn't as good as popcorn made with a popcorn machine (aff), but I don't have time for that. This ones passes the test. It is awesome! Almost all the kernels pop, and it isn't burnt! Mounting this one wasn't difficult either. I think it took Bill and my brother in law about fifteen minutes. If you are in the market, this Maytag is one you should get!

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  1. Ahan .. sounds cool .. pop corns in microwave n even without burning 🙂 wow! I heard it for the first time that microwave can make pop corns without any burns. Homemade pop corns are cheap and easy.
    I just add a few seasonings with a tea spoon of olive oil and shake the bag gently then staple the bag n put it into microwave. Still edges burn and are never that much crispy instead they go over-cooked.

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