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The Medium Next Door

Do you believe in mediums? I think walking into this book you must have some belief in it. Otherwise, I'm not sure how much you would get out of it. In The Medium Next Door, the author, Maureen Hancock, shares her life story. You will read about her struggles as a medium and her passion to be of help. To quote a popular film, she “talks to dead people”. However, she lives quite the normal “soccer mom” life too.  It is interesting to see how she blends the two into her “normal”.  What I also loved about this book is that the end of each chapter, she offers insights and practical exercises for you to consider about dreams, intuition, and grieving.

I'll be honest; I do believe in this.  The Medium Next Door is a great read.  I also had my mom and sister read it, and they both thoroughly enjoyed the book too.  It makes my must read list!

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