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Microwave Shopping

Our microwave blew up while we were gone.  I tried making a bag of popcorn tonight.  I ended up leaving it in there for almost ten minutes and not one kernel blew up.  While my mother in law had the same problem when we were gone.  Since I have very limited counter space, we are going to have to replace it with one that goes over the stove.  Unfortunately, those tend to be more expensive, since it has the fan underneath.

Anybody know of a good brand to buy?

4 thoughts on “Microwave Shopping

  1. wow, the microwave blew while you were gone though? I've never heard of that but then that happend to our drier or was it the washing machine? i think it happen dto both we didn't use it for like 2 days and it just died but that happens.. anyway kenmore has good sttuff.. go to sears and shop around you might find a sale

  2. Same thing happened to us a couple of years ago. We wound up buying a whirlpool and I loved it. It had the best features and operated quietly. I highly recommend it. We bought ours at Best Buy, but I know they sell that particular one at many stores.

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