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Mining the Social Web

With all these great forms of social media, it can be hard to monitor who is saying what about who. Mining the Social Web is the answer to that.  When I worked PR, this book would have been soooo helpful.  This book teached you how to mine all of the data that is out there (and there's a ton out there). Be aware, this book does assume that you have some basic Python knowledge. You are given the basic tools to breakdown the data from multiple sites liked Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (just to name a few). The book is organized in such a way that it is fairly easy to get to the information that you want and need. This is not a quick read, but it will definitely teach you how to get the data you want from the internet.

Mining the Social Web shows you how to use the social sites out there beyond just using the tools the sites provide. If you are looking to dig deeper into social networks, this is a great beginning book.

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