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Mohawk Home Rug Giveaway

As many of you may know, the majority of my house is hardwood.  My bedroom and Madison's bedroom are the only ones with carpet, so we could definitely use rugs in our other rooms.  That is why I was excited to try out a new Mohawk Home Rug.  This is what my living room looks like:

Yes, it is a beautiful wood floor. However, the room is a tad blah. I'll be honest — I didn't realize the power of a rug:

This is the Mohawk rug Bill and I picked out. It is the Mohawk Home (aff) Architect Rug – Dark Brown. Bill and I are in love — With the rug! It is amazing how much warmer the room is with this rug! The Mohawk home rug also makes the floor much warmer to walk across and is super soft. I love walking across it bare footed too. Set up for this Mohawk rug was super easy — Will (my 4 year old) and I set it up by ourselves. The only hard part was keeping Daisy (our dog) off it when we were trying to roll it onto the floor! It definitely pulls the colors we already have in the room too — the walls (maroon), the curtains (green), and even the floor. This Mohawk rug makes my hardwood look even better! Daisy has also quit laying on my furniture and now lays across this rug! It's comfortable for the entire family. I love that you can get it in several sizes too. Now, the one in my living room is the 5′ x 8′, but you can find this design in other sizes that you need. Bill comes home (aff) from work every night and tells me how much he likes the rug (for him to comment is huge!). It is just the perfect size, the perfect color, the perfect everything. Another reason we love this company is that they make their product in the US:

Since we love our Mohawk Home Rug so much, I have arranged for one of my lucky readers to win a Mohawk Home Rug of their own!  The winner can choose any Mohawk Home rug up to size 5×8 and under $150 value. Here's what you need to do:

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74 thoughts on “Mohawk Home Rug Giveaway

  1. Your house looks great! I must admit, the living room looked more lively after you put up the rug. My space at downtown Austin condos would definitely look good with rugs like this, or even a simple carpet to brighten up its very minimalist look. Thank you for giving me an idea and thank you for sharing!

  2. I really love the Watamu Select Strata Area Rug. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  3. Gosh I love so many of them it's hard to pick a favorite!

    Right now I like the Asian Branches rug the most.

  4. I love the Mohawk® Home Bangkok Rug or the Mohawk® Home Sardinia Rug or the Mohawk® Versailles Sir Charles Beige Oriental Rug. I will have to see which my husband likes out of my top three if I win 🙂

  5. I like the Mohawk Home 5'3" x 7'10" Rectangular Multicolor Transitional Area Rug.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

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