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mOmma Collection

With everything else you can buy that's stylish for your little one, it's nice to finally see that kids feeding products are getting a taste of it (pun intended!). The new mOmma line of feeding products are for both infant and toddlers. These products blend both form and function and just making eating and drinking more fun. The roly poly shape allows the cups, forks, and spoons to rock back and forth (which definitely helps keep the kids attention at the table and on their food). Best of all, it is PBA and phthalate free. They also come in orange or green (so it doesn't matter if you have a boy, a girl, or both!). Personally, I was a huge fan of the No spill cup and the cup with a straw (or sippy as we like to call in our house). They don't spill, so what's not to love about them?  (I think not only the shape but the rubber coated bottoms help with that).

mOmma is also kicking off the mOmma’s messiest mOmments photo contest from August 2 (aff) – September 10, 2010. Proud parents can enter a photo of their tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize pack of mOmma product for themselves and a friend (total value: $104.50)!  Go enter!

If you have an infant or a toddler in your home (aff) (or know of any), definitely give the mOmma Collection a try!

3 thoughts on “mOmma Collection

  1. I just went to their site and there are a lot of cute baby stuff in there. Aside from the fact that they have good designs, the products also have good features and quality. Thanks For sharing the site.

  2. Excellent, my wife is about to have our 3rd child and these items on mOmma are really cool and useful. I especially like the stand up fork. Talk about keeping the mess off the table.

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