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Your Money The Missing Manual

When we all joined the big bad world out there, we learned that there was so much school didn't teach us. One of those things was how to handle our money.  That is where Your Money The Missing Manual comes in.  This book will advise you how to get your financial house in order and teach you how to deal with expenses, debt, taxes, and retirement.  I love that the book is written in plain English, everybody can understand it.  The book teaches you how to set and achieve your financial goals, set up a budget, learn ways to eliminate your debt, how to use your credit wisely, and how to make smart financial decision.  That's just the tip of the iceberg of what this book covers.  A lot of the information seems like common sense, but not everybody gets taught this stuff.  We are people who pay off our credit card bills every month (which according to the book is very good!).  Even the advice I disagree with in this book (like don't buy brand new cars.  For my family, we put a lot of miles on our vehicles and for us, brand new vehicles make the most sense) is good advice.  However, you do need to be able to take this information and apply it to your own life.

Your Money The Missing Manual is a must read.  Everyone will walk away with a few tips that they can apply to your life and save some money in the process.


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One thought on “Your Money The Missing Manual

  1. I try to budget carefully but I love to read books like this that offer tips on handling money. I almost always learn something I never knew!

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