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Money Savvy Pig

With Madison only being 5, it's hard sometimes to get her to understand about money. At this point, she only understands that there is rectangle money and circle money. That being said they do have a treasure chest at school where you can donate money to (which, in turn, gets donated to the church. For those of you who don't know, Madison attends a Catholic School).  That is the beauty with this bank.  The kids can actually see where they money is going towards.  I love that each chamber actually can be emptied out through a different foot (would that be a hoof on a pig?).  No worries about mixing the money.  There are goal setting stickers that you put on the bank.  For example, for invest, you could put the graduation cap, because you are going to use that to save for school.  You can also draw your own ideas of what your goals are on the blank stickers.  There is also a great booklet included with ways to talk to your kids about money.

The Money Savvy Pig is a great way to start teaching your kids about money.

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