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Monkey Quest Giveaway!

Madison loves playing games online and Monkey Quest is one of those games! Right now, from July 30th – August 8th, when you buy a $25 Nickelodeon Game Card, you get an additional $15 bonus game play!

Generations ago, a brave young monkey singlehandedly lifted the spirits of his species and evolved all of monkeykind. he became the Monkey King. The King went all over Ook and learned many things especially that evil never sleeps. The King came face to face with the Shadow Demon Ka and a battle took place. The King was finally able to defeat Ka but he was lost as well. Now the Shadows have returned.

The game is fairly simple to play (and free too!). The controls are pretty easy to figure out. Madison loved being able to customize her avatar too. You are able to build a better monkey too. You can experience by completing quests and you can accumulate skill points. When you level up, you can apply your skill points too. I loved that you can grow your character with your own playing style. You don't have to shoot everything in sight to do well with this game. There are several monsters also (and they are all pretty interesting). You don't have to use the same the technique to defeat them though. There are even some creatures that you'll eventually become friends with!

Now, you can play for free, but the membership offers you a few more perks such as unlimited trails, special abilities, weekly bananas, crafting recipes, and collectible items. However, Madison just liked the swinging, jumping, and exploring, so it depends on your child whether or not to get the membership. Since Madison has been enjoying this game so much, I've arranged for one lucky reader of mine to get a Money Quest Prize Pack which includes a Monkey Quest tote bag, t-shirt and hat along with an insider’s guide to best navigate the land of Ook.  Here's what you need to do:

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  1. My whole family would like to make a "game" day with this game 🙂 looks like fun

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

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