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More on remodeling

We finally got our stimulus check on Friday deposited in our checking account. Our goal is to save that since we are stimulating the economy enough with all the money we have been spending on our basement remodeling job (Home Depot is our new best friend). We also started talking about how we have paid everything off right away (so far), so we don't have to worry about stop notices, liens, or anything like that. We have worked with several different contractors and suppliers for stuff, so this is very important. I have heard stories about people trying to buy a house and they find out there is a lien (or stop notice) on it. That has to be taken care of before the sale can go through. Each state differs in its rules regarding these, so make sure you do some research. In a crappy real estate market (and economy for that matter), you really don't want to be messing around with something like this.

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