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Mother's Day Gifts: See's Candies

candiesIf you are looking for a Mother's Day present for the weekend, have no fear, See's Candies is here for you.  I don't know any mom who wouldn't want chocolate for Mother's Day.  Things I love about the keepsake box is that it is cute,  and you can use it again.   It is filled with 3 different kinds of chocolate, truffles, and fail covered milk chocolate hearts.  There is definitely something here for everyone.  I know I liked it a lot (and I didn't share it either).  The best part is the price.  It is $19, so it is definitely an affordable gift!

0309_848keepsakeheartsAnother Mother's Day gift you should check out is the Keepsake of Hearts Bag. This bag is filled with foil wrapped Milk Chocolate hearts.  The organza wrap matches the keepsake box, so you can give the mom in your life both!  This cute little bag is only $6.75 so it is very affordable.  (On a side note, I can see giving this as a gift to bridesmaids at a wedding too if they periwinkle matches you colors.  I know chocolate also makes a good gift.)

See's Candies has been around for over 85 years and has one of the largest chocolate selections I have ever seen.  You can definitely find something for everyone there.  The chocolate tastes excellent, and their tagline “Quality Without Compromise” definitely holds true.

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