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Moving on Moving Forward

I need to apologize to anyone who gets this by feed.  You may have gotten a lot of old posts last night.  Well, see, I was messing around with my blog last night and I, ummmm, deleted all my categories.  This, in turn, made me clean out some old posts that were just garbage.  I also had to recategorize everything which I am still not done with.  Plus, when I transerred this blog over from blogger, it ate some of the posts, and they were just a mess.  I ended with a project I didn't want to do, and it is still not finished.

I've also moved on from the post I wrote earlier this week that caused quite the controversy.  No feeling were hurt here, and I'm so over it.  I wish everyone else would just move on and let it die (however, if you'd like to still read the post and comment — please do — I love the traffic).   I know this whole situation is still being discussed on a forum that shall remain nameless.  I could do a whole post on that alone, but I'm not.  This is the last it is even going to get mentioned. However, all situations that were blogged about were completely true, and the bloggers who told me them can verify that.

I've got some great posts and contest coming up (like today if I get around to posting it!), so let's end this here.  I've got to run to the grocery store, so I'll be back later!

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