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Mr. Men: Start to Count

Mr. Men: Start to Count is a workbook I picked up for Madison for Christmas. I remember Mr. Men from when I was little, so when I came across this, I knew I had to buy it. This is a great workbook to work on with young children. Madison and I have done this workbook many times together. She laughs every time too. Each page has part of a story and an activity for you to do. They even have a picture of Mr. Men and Little Miss.  They look just like I remember them as a kid. It is nice to see that they haven't changed them at all! There are several skills that are worked on in Mr. Men: Start to Count. Recognizing and counting from 1 to 10, matching numbers with pictures, and developing a sense of number sequence (aff) are a few of things that are worked on. I love Mr. Men and this workbook did not disappoint.

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